Just starting out, or looking for a change?

We’re always looking for talented Millwrights, Welders, and Pipe Fitters. We welcome your application if you’re already ticketed. If not, consider joining our industry leading apprenticeship program.

Why be a millwright?

  • Are you mechanically inclined?
  • Love to take things apart and rebuild them?
  • Passionate about solving problems?

If so, a career in millwrighting could be an ideal fit. At Bullet, you will interact with a range of customers and solve complex problems in different environments. Whether it’s to solve a plant breakdown, install a new machine or line, build a plant,  or move heavy machinery, every day is an adventure.

The Journey to Becoming a Millwright

Step 1
Apprenticeship Program
Start Your Apprenticeship at Bullet

When you join the Bullet team, we will sign you up to be an apprentice to be trained by our ticketed Journeyman and Foremen and senior apprentices. You'll need a basic highschool diploma at minimum, but all trade certifications are welcomed.

Step 2
Two Month School

After you complete your first year (approx. 2,000 hours) as an apprentice working with our licensed millwrights, we will support you to go to school for two months to continue to learn the trade. This process will recur every year until you have completed 3 tours (full-time block release) at school and are ready to write your 433A exam to officially become a ticketed millwright.

Step 3
Millwright Exam
Take the Exam

After you are done your third session of school and complete approximately 7,280 on-the-job hours, which takes between 3 to 5 years, you will be eligible to write your Millwrighting exam (433A), after which will be promoted to Journeyman, have the potential to earn much more, and start leading teams and running jobs.

Join our Industry Leading Apprenticeship Program

Millwrights are essential to the Canadian economy. A long and prosperous career is pretty well guaranteed. Sign up now to join our team as an apprentice!

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